Be Your Own Bank Workshop @ Anarchapulco 2019

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$125 USD

Early bird price

Onsite Workshop

For attendees of the Anarchapulco conference. The workshop will be held in the conference hotel.

Offsite Workshop

For non-attendess of the Anarchapulco conference. The workshop will be held at a location not in the conference hotel.


Juan Galt began his Bitcoin career in 2014 as a Journalist and researcher in Toronto. He has since created over 400 pieces of content on cryptocurrencies and taught hundreds of newcomers the basics and more advanced areas of this promising industry. In recent years he has focused on those that care about having sovereign control of their wealth and enjoying the freedom that grants them.

Juan is the founder of the ByoBank Workshop, and almost everything in it was developed from his observation of major hacks, discussions with peers, personal experiences and personal strategy to protect his digital assets, in the modern age.

Ryan has an extensive background in I.T. and Internet Infrastructure including wireless communications. He is interested in Austrian economics since 2001 and prefers physical precious metals, primarily silver. For the past ten years, he has acted as a consultant for wireless Internet Service Providers. he has also worked as a survey assistant on various mines in Norther British Columbia. Currently, he has a keen interest in the cryptocurrency markets and is associated with the Komodo Crytpocurrency Platfom.

Kevin is a Canadian web developer, technologist, and researcher. He has over 20 years experience setting up, configuring, maintaining, and securing websites and servers. Related to cryptocurrency, he operates several cryptocurrency servers, including Bitcoin full nodes, lnd and C-lightning nodes. As a lover of all technology that gives people greater sovereignty in their lives, he is a strong advocate of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology. He seeks to use his knowledge and experience to help improve the state of security in this nascent cryptocurrency environment.